Why #NeverTrump?

If you follow me on this blog or any social media, my opposition to Donald Trump’s bid for President isn’t a surprise. Recently a hashtag has been in use on Twitter: #NeverTrump. It’s used by people who promise they will never vote for Trump, no matter what. According to some polls, 37% of GOP voters will never vote for Trump. I’m one of those people. I began using twitter to explain why:

Why #NeverTrump? I will never place party above principle. Not now, not ever.

Why #NeverTrump? We deserve better. Conservatives deserve better. America deserves better.

Why #NeverTrump? We deserve a leader who respects women.

Why #NeverTrump? We deserve leader of principle, not one who promises to compromise on core values.

Why #NeverTrump? We deserve someone who supports the constitution. Trump has shown he doesn’t care about the Constitution.

Why #NeverTrump? Because I won’t put party over principle! America deserves better than lesser of 2 evils!

Why #NeverTrump? Because his tariff policies would hurt our economy.

Why #NeverTrump? We deserve leader who values all life. Not one who threatens kids for crimes of parents and supports Planned Parenthood.

Why #NeverTrump? We deserve a man of courage. Not someone afraid to defend their views in a debate, or to hold to an unpopular position.

Why #NeverTrump? We deserve a man of integrity. Not one who says laws/rules are bad for USA but he uses them anyway.

Why #NeverTrump? We deserve someone to look up to. Not a crass, foul mouthed jerk. Someone who can represent us well.

Why #NeverTrump? You can’t govern by polls. We need a real leader with core values.

Why #NeverTrump? Because Presidency isn’t reality TV. We need a real leader.

Why #NeverTrump? Because we deserve a leader who values the truth. Not one who lies casually, continually.

Why #NeverTrump? I won’t let the media decide who I vote for.
Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.25.51 AM

People claim that a vote for someone besides Trump in the general election is a vote for Clinton. I say, based on the number of GOP voters who will never vote for Trump, a vote for Trump in the primaries is a vote for Clinton.

#NeverTrump now, #NeverTrump forever. It’s not a bluff, #NeverTrump. If he is nominated, we won’t get behind him. The GOP will lose. This is a choice GOP voters and leadership is making now. We have already made our choice.

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3 thoughts on “Why #NeverTrump?

  1. I’m of two minds about your thoughts on this subject.

    In the first mind, I think, “Your position is reasonable. Who you vote for is your right, and you can choose to vote or not vote or whatever for any reason you want.”

    That’s a pretty powerful mind.

    In my second mind, I think, “For years, I’ve voted for people who I didn’t really like because they were better than the other guy, including Romney, Dole, McCain, etc. (I actually liked W the first time). Now that the electorate is choosing someone that the ‘true conservatives’ don’t like, the fair thing for those ‘true conservatives’ to do would be to do in this elections is what they expected everyone else to do in past elections.”

    I think that’s a pretty powerful mind, too.

    I guess, in the end, that’s your choice as a voter, but your choice isn’t going to effect mine. I guess we’ll be watching President Hillary give State of the Union addresses.


    • If it helps, read somewhere that 53 polls have been taken pitting Trump vs Clinton, and Trump only won 5 times. 90+% of the time Clinton wins. According to those polls, if the general election is Trump vs Clinton, she wins no matter how I vote. For the GOP to nominate someone with even higher unfavorables than Clinton to compete against her is amazing to me. most other GOP candidates beat her. Of course, let’s not talk about how bad those polls showed Sanders beating the GOP.

      It’s going to be an interesting election for sure.


  2. The Republicans have a tough row to hoe at this point. If they nominate anyone other than Trump, I believe that his hard core supporters will desert the party. I think their numbers are high enough that it will make it unlikely that any candidate other than Trump wins.

    However, the #neverTrump movement is so anti-Trump that it seems like he has little chance of getting a majority of voters behind him either.

    I don’t really see how anyone other than the Democratic nominee wins, so I don’t really think that the election is going to be all that interesting – Dominate, unfractured Democrat trounces split GOP. Film at 11. Pretty boring.


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