What to Expect in a General Presidential Election: Trump vs Clinton

This is the last in a series of articles on Donald Trump.
Want to know what to expect if Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee and faces Hillary Clinton in the general election? In the end, Clinton wins. According a RealClearPolitics.com poll average, Clinton beats Trump. I know, polls mean squat. But Trump himself brags about his polls. So while polls are not a guarantee, they can give an idea about how things will go. You can bet that people will be working to move the polls more in Clinton’s favor. You can bet that some will be doing everything they can to insure a victory for Hillary Clinton. [Update: new poll released Super Tuesday morning. Show Trump losing, Cruz or Rubio winning against Clinton.]
As soon as Donald Trump accepts the nomination for the Republican Party several things will happen.
The gloves come off in the media. Now, wait, I know. if you support Trump you think he is already being treated poorly in the media. But just wait.
Have we forgotten just how in the tank the media was for the Democrat nominee in the last two elections? There are so many hinted at stories about Trump out there. How long before we see wave after wave of news story about ties to criminals, fraud investigations, hiring illegal workers, supposed racist comments, and so much more.
And you know how they will do it. It will be presented as hearsay. Unsubstantiated rumors, but they are just reporting what is being said. And they will do it so much that no American can think of Trump without also thinking of one of his many scandals.
He will continue to be pressed on issues, and his lack of substance will be exposed. For some reason 36% of Republican primary voters don’t seem to care that Trump is an inch deep on all of his policies. Asked how he will get Mexico to pay for the wall, he spouts vague ideas of economics. Asked what he will replace the ACA (Obamacare) with, he says we won’t let people die in the street, and mentions interstate competition between insurance carriers. These answers will not suffice in the general election. Clinton and the media will tear him to shreds.
Age will become an issue. Clinton (age 68) is only 1 year younger than Trump. But Clinton isn’t going on TV saying crazy things. For instance, last Friday Trump denounced the fact that David Duke had endorsed him. Then on CNN Sunday he seemed like he had no idea who he was. After the show, he posted to twitter that, of course, he disavowed the endorsement. Did he forget who Duke was from Friday to Sunday? I want to give him the benefit of the doubt here. But there’s no good reason, either he didn’t want to distance himself from Duke or didn’t remember why he should. [Update: He now says he couldn’t hear. But he could hear well enough to repeat back the words “David Duke” and “white supremacists” Watch the 1:30 video here and see if it looks like he cannot hear what the reporter is saying.]
Does he sometimes say things off message because he is getting old? Expect that issue to be raised.
Democrats will capitalize on his gaffes. Whatever the reason Trump says nutty stuff, he will continue to say similar things throughout the campaign. Short of making him only read pre-written speeches and delete his twitter account, there is no way around it. Trump is gonna Trump. and if you think the other Republicans have made fun of him, just wait until the media and Democrats get going in the general election.
Conservatives lose one of their biggest weapons against Clinton. No other Republican candidate brings the baggage to the general election that Trump does. If you want to say that Clinton is under investigation, expect the media to point out that Trump also is. Any time Trump tries to criticize Clinton’s record, we will be reminded that he donated to her foundation, attended her wedding, called her a friend for years. He never had any problem with her before.
The fact that Trump used to be a liberal until recently (very recently) will provide the Democrats with everything they need to stave off any attack on Clintons’s character or record. It will be very hard to draw distinctions between Clinton and the Trump of the past.
All the news cycles about Clinton’s legal troubles will pale in comparison to the media onslaught of Trump’s fraud cases, bankruptcies, and alleged ties to the mafia.
With the current feeling in the nation, the election should be an easy win for Republicans. The media establishment and Democrats will use every weapon at their disposal to defeat whoever the republican nominee is. If we select Donald Trump, we are giving them all the ammunition they need to succeed.

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