IowaCaucusGate: What Cruz Should Do

Is that a thing? Are we calling this controversy that yet? Caucus-gate?

I wrote before about Trump’s twitter melt down over someone in Cruz’s campaign telling potential voters Carson had dropped out before the Iowa Caucus. This boils down to 1 delegate. Just one. Cruz won 7, Trump won 6 in Iowa.

If I was Cruz I would agree that if it can be shown to mutual satisfaction that just one precinct would have voted for Trump over Cruz if this information had not been shared by the Cruz campaign, I would give that delegate to Trump. I don’t know if that is actually possible, but if it is, then so be it. He can have it.

Or, in a bolder move, just give him the delegate outright, right now.

This election will not come down to 1 delegate at the Republican convention. If Cruz could do this, it would deflate the bluster from Trump. It would show that Cruz is above the petty junk of the campaign, and is taking the high road. In the end, Trump loses.


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