Chance favors Hillary: Democrat Iowa Caucus was Decided by 6 Coin Tosses

That’s right, Clinton edged out Sanders by 5 delegates in the Iowa Caucus. The incredibly close race was literally decided by 6 tosses of a coin. 6 precincts were tied and had to be called based on a coin toss, as is Iowa regulation for Democrat caucuses.

How crazy is the Iowa process, in general? It’s not a regular primary, where people vote all day. Instead voters go to their precinct, and if you are a Republican you cast a ballot, which is apparently counted in whatever receptacle is available since there were images of popcorn buckets and plastic tubs in use, and the winner of the precinct is decided. For the Democrats, you go to a large room, and stand in various spots to indicate your support of a candidate. If a group doesn’t reach a certain size  (15%) then representatives from other candidates can come and try to get you to move to their group.

And finally, in the case of a tie, with a delegate in question, the winner of that precinct and  the tie breaking delegate is determined by a coin toss! Amazing. 6 times this happened last night, and all 6 times the coins fell for Clinton.

So she technically won the Iowa Caucus. But I guarantee you that there will be some major changes in the Clinton campaign. In a state where Clinton was leading by dozens of points a few months ago, she won by mere chance. And most young voters were overwhelmingly for Sanders. She has to change her strategy.

Will it be attacks on Sanders? or will she move more to the left? Will she pick up some of the ideas that Sanders is pushing in order to woo those younger votes? I don’t know, but expect some changes in the message from the Clinton camp in the wake of this “win” in Iowa.


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