Trump Will Make a Deal… for Our Core Values

Today is the first primary of the 2016 Presidential race. It’s the Iowa Caucus. On the Republican side of things, most polls show Donald Trump ahead of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

That concerns me.

I’ve written before about how I distrust the conversion to conservatism that Trump appears to have had. But even if that conversion is true, there’s another problem with having him as President.

He will give away things we hold dear in order to make a deal. That has been his record. He gave money to Democrats for his business deals. Even though he claimed to be a conservative, he supported liberal politicians and parties, for years. And he still says that you need to “get along with everybody” and implies that he will be making deals with everyone in Washington.

One of the things that has conservatives most frustrated is the fact that Republicans keep making deals that undermine our core values. They don’t compromise on the right things. Yes, you have to compromise in order to get things done, but there are some issues you should never bend on. If every deal goes against the very things you say you stand for, what have we really gained? It feels like a loss.

Conservatives want that practice to end. Trump has been saying that he will be a better negotiator, and get better deals. But his record shows that he will support liberal policy makers with money to further an agenda that goes against what he says his values are. He has been willing to undermine his own claimed conservative values in the past, why would that change just because he is President?


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