To My Friend Who Supports Trump: Some Questions You Need Answered

Dear Friend,

I get why you like Donald Trump for President. I really do. I have felt the frustration with the current American political process, seen the supposed conservatives be sent to Washington to get nothing done. And Trump appears to be someone who will be different.  That can be very appealing. He is talking about all the right things.

But he’s not saying some things you need to know before you cast your vote for him. Politicians (and that’s what Trump is now that he is running for office) have historically said a lot of things in the election, but not always done what they promised. Remember, that’s one of the reasons we are so frustrated.

Trump is a master at this election thing, it seems. He is very good at getting attention, and getting his message out. But… and you knew there was a “but” coming… many things he is saying in this election are very different from what he has said before. Some of his new positions are radically different from his previous ones.

People change. People see reason. Positions evolve. I’m OK with that. But what Trump is not saying is what led him to his new perspective. Because, if he can’t articulate a reason for his changed mind that should raise some red flags. many of his previous positions would place him squarely outside the realm of conservative politics.

You deserve to know why he became a Republican, because that speaks volumes as to how he will lead he country if elected President. These are just a few questions you deserve to have answered.

2nd Amendment: Previously Trump has said that he doesn’t understand guns, hates guns, and supported banning certain “assault” style weapons. Why did he change his mind?

Healthcare: Trump has previously called for a “single payer” healthcare system, where the government pays for everyone. Why has he changed his mind?

Taxes: Just a few years ago Trump was saying the government should seize 14% of wealthy American’s assets (not income, assets) to eliminate the national debt. That concept is entirely contrary to conservative values. What changed? Why is he now opposed to this sort of government action?

Previous Support: In years past Trump has donated money to many political figures, including many prominent Democrats (Some with the name Clinton!). He has said that he did this in his capacity as a business man. Why would he donate money to people whose political philosophy was so different from his own? He supported people who supposedly have values that are very different from his own for financial gains. As president, will he stand for the things he says he does, or will he make deals and violate his values (and ours!) for other gains?

Killing Terrorist’s Families: Trump has said multiple times that he wants to kill the families of terrorists as a deterrent for terrorism. At first I thought it was hyperbole, political rhetoric. Yet, when pressed on it in a debate, he did not back off of this. Imagine if you had an estranged son or daughter who, God forbid, became a terrorist. Trump would kill you and the rest of your family? How can anyone hold this view and still support the US Constitution and due process?

If Donald Trump cannot or will not answer these questions, and many more, then we must wonder how much of what he says is what a person must say to get elected and how much is what he now truly believes? Trump needs to answer these questions. He is a candidate for the most powerful job in the world. We need to ask these questions, and more. We deserve answers before we vote.

[UPDATE: I found this campaign ad which shows even more issues that Trump has changed his views on. That in and of itself isn’t necessarily bad, but why? He has not clearly explained the process, and why we should accept that he really has changed his mind and isn’t just acting like a politician and saying what he needs to say to be elected:

You may have to be logged into Facebook to see it.


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