President Obama Vetoes ACA Repeal, Middle Class Still on the Hook

As expected.

But the stated reasons annoy me very much.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.01.50 PM

That’s right, after admonishing the GOP for not doing things that strengthen the middle class, he vetoes a bill that would put more money back in the middle class’s pockets. I’m not talking about what some pundit said, I’m speaking from personal experience.

Back when the ACA first went into effect I was self employed. My family and I had insurance that we could afford. Then I got a letter from my insurer saying my policy had to be cancelled and replaced with one that cost 300% more.

Today I have a good, middle class job that provides good insurance for me, and offers it to my family if I can pay the premiums. The premiums for my family total over $10,800 annually. What middle class family could pay that? Of course, if I don’t carry coverage then we pay a fine. And since my job offers a policy for my family, we can’t even take advantage of tax credits on the healthcare exchanges. So I’m forced to turn to the Government to help insure my children and a co-op for my wife that keeps us from being fined, but doesn’t allow her to go to the doctor.

How is this better for middle class families?

I have yet to meet, or even hear about, one single person who had health insurance before the ACA went into effect that has better coverage for less money. If you know of someone, let me know, please.

On twitter I ran into a couple of people who said that the ACA just needs a few more iterations for it to get better. How long are we gonna have to wait for that? It’s been the law for a couple of years. I have not seen one bill from any Democrat trying to improve on the ACA. It’s like they are afraid to say it isn’t perfect.

So we are in this limbo. The Republicans want to show their base that they are doing everything they can, and keep trying to repeal the ACA. Democrats won’t ever criticize any parts of the ACA, so they never try to fix it.

And us, the people, are left holding the bag.

But can we at least admit that the ACA needs to be fixed or replaced? Will Democrats at least admit that it could/should be improved?

Either we elect a republican President and keep a republican controlled House and Senate to replace the ACA with something else, or we work to fix the mess that the ACA is. 



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