New CMP Planned Parenthood Video Released

In what looks to be a response to the actions in Texas regarding an investigation into Planned Parenthood there, CMP released an undercover video of a provider at PP in Austin.

As bad as this video is, it isn’t the worst of the CMP videos.

Some things to notice as you watch:

  • It still disturbs me the way these medical professionals discuss their work. Laughing and joking about ripping a baby apart.
  • CMP points out that the procedure used by this doctor sounds an awful lot like the banned partial-birth abortion procedure.
  • While her clinic didn’t provide tissue for research at that time, she sure seemed open to it. This should be a moot point now that PPFA has said they will no longer accept  any fees for the tissue they provide.
  • The provider says at 7:35- “It’s amazing… I have so much respect for development, it’s just incredible” when talking about the parts of children she had killed in the womb.

These videos from CMP have ripped the veil off the horrible practice of abortion in America. I won’t be the same after watching them.


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