Planned Parenthood Announces They Will No Longer Be Compensated for Fetal Parts

Today, Planned Parenthood announced that they will not longer accept compensation for fetal body parts. They say this is to strip away the “smokescreen” of activists who just want to see abortion made illegal. Oh, and women’s access to healthcare reduced.

That’s an interesting spin, but I think this was done to take the pressure off of Planned Parenthood. With this new policy, we are back to what everyone expects Planned Parenthood to do: provide minimal health care and lots of abortion services. There is no way that the Government will remove federal funding now.(Not that it was likely to anyway)

Convenient interesting timing. Today is the first Democrat Presidential Debate. This gives the media a perfect excuse for barely covering the new PP policy.

This is a win for pro life supporters. But it doesn’t slow the amount of abortions, and it allows these videos to diminish in importance. The behavior they are exposing is no longer happening.

I suspect this issue will fade away now. Laws may have been (read:were) broken, and there could be actual criminal investigations for selling for profit as well as altering procedures (both against federal law) but I doubt anyone will pursue it.


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