Abortion Politics

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.34.20 AMIt’s sad to think that we have to talk about the issue of murdering unborn children in terms of politics, but that’s where we live in modern America.

A few days ago Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, testified before a Congressional committee. (Pictured left) She was asked some hard questions. She answered the way you would expect. Democrats and Republicans said what you would expect. Most of the American people ignored it all, as you would expect.

Meanwhile, the media is Still, STILL freaked out by Carly Fiorina’s comments made in the last Republican debate. Even after CoalFire released a report saying that the full videos from CMP showed no signs of tampering or deceptive editing. They simply cut out bathroom and meal breaks, or travel time. But Planned Perenthood supporters, in a very classy move, threw condoms at Fiorina and the media did their best to ignore the videos while saying Fiorina was wrong or lying  about the content of the videos.

I’ve seen all 10 of the CMP episodes/videos. When Cary started describing the tapes in the debate I was surprised. Then, I realized that the tapes don’t show everything in the same scene she described. Everything she said is in the tapes, either in images, video or testimony, but there isn’t one single scene with everything she described, at one time all together. I knew immediately that she would be criticized for what she said.

Then another video was released. It reportedly shows every single thing that Fiorina described. In one video. Maybe she had seen this before, I’m not sure. Several people have written about how what Fiorina said was true, if not chronologically accurate. If Fiorina is going to make a claim, she needs to be very sure about what she says. Any deviation from what can be simply shown opens her up to massive attack from the left. It seems that the content of what she said is contained in the different videos, either through images or testimony. She wasn’t lying, but because the clip isn’t exactly as she described it, she is called a liar.

Meanwhile, back in the Congressional testimony from Richards, politicians take sides and nothing gets done. Richards did admit that Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. She also admitted that 86% of Planned Parenthood’s non government funding comes from abortions, which only make up 3% of their services. Abortions make a lot of money for the non profit.

They talked about salaries and travel. They discussed the political action group Planned parenthood has, and how many hours Richards spent working for that group. it’s so hard to take the high road about helping these poor women when salaries are high, and perks are luxurious for employees. And if the taxpayers are paying for any of the political actions… well you can see how that would be a problem.

Several Congressmen pointed out that there are lots more women’s health clinics than PP clinics, and most receive no federal funding. And mentioned other non profits who receive much less federal funding than PP. Richards repeatedly reminded everyone that Planned parenthood doesn’t get a lump sum check, but they get reimbursed by medicare and medicaid for services provided to women. And Richards was repeatedly reminded that not every women’s clinic gets reimbursed, so why should they? One asked why the original PP response, from Richards herself, apologized for the tone and “statements” in the first CMP video, which statements did they apologize for? Richards retreated to their current defense: The CMP videos are heavily edited and deceptive.

And nothing will come of this. The political dance of the right and left on this issue is sick. This wasn’t a criminal inquiry, just an inquiry. The media will continue to ignore the real issues as much as possible. meanwhile, the culture of valueless human life keeps turning, and we keep seeing horrific headlines of murder, and our president encouraging everyone to politicize tragedies.

2 thoughts on “Abortion Politics

  1. It seems to me that media is only doing its normal job of putting presidential candidates under scrutiny. Fiorina has a habit of distorting the facts about her business success, an asset she chose to put forward as her main qualification for election. That’s going to prompt any good reporter to wonder what else she might be lying about. And the CMP does not have a general reputation for veracity, so that doesn’t help her either.

    I’m a medical imaging tech, by the way. The fetus in question shown on the tapes in the articles you linked to looks to me to be no more than 17 weeks old. I’ve seen them in person. Fetuses don’t have lungs or pleura sufficient to breathe air at that age. We have no kind of technology available for their care, no way to sustain them. Sometimes they are miscarried or aborted alive, but all die within minutes, without exception. There are no tiny heart-lung machines. Fortunately they also don’t have a nervous system sufficient to process complete pain responses.

    People without medical education might assume a lot erroneously from seeing such a recognizable exterior body structure. On the inside, these beings are only half-formed, missing vital organs and systems minimally required for survival. It’s sad to see the results of these tragedies, but our training is to refocus toward the needs of the patient that can survive, the woman.


    • It’s sad to see any child dying because of miscarriage or abortion. Odd to think that just a few weeks later and they have a chance to live. Also odd that even in a few weeks when they can live, they can still be aborted.

      As for media bias, I think journalism is dead. Is CMP trustworthy? We will disagree. No matter how edited the tapes are, something stand for themselves. Too many staff people talking about a willingness to alter abortion procedures… They don’t put words in their mouths. CMP is a organization with an agenda. That doesn’t mean they lie.

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