New CMP Planned Parenthood Video Released

In what looks to be a response to the actions in Texas regarding an investigation into Planned Parenthood there, CMP released an undercover video of a provider at PP in Austin.

As bad as this video is, it isn’t the worst of the CMP videos.

Some things to notice as you watch:

  • It still disturbs me the way these medical professionals discuss their work. Laughing and joking about ripping a baby apart.
  • CMP points out that the procedure used by this doctor sounds an awful lot like the banned partial-birth abortion procedure.
  • While her clinic didn’t provide tissue for research at that time, she sure seemed open to it. This should be a moot point now that PPFA has said they will no longer accept  any fees for the tissue they provide.
  • The provider says at 7:35- “It’s amazing… I have so much respect for development, it’s just incredible” when talking about the parts of children she had killed in the womb.

These videos from CMP have ripped the veil off the horrible practice of abortion in America. I won’t be the same after watching them.

How the Clintons Tell the Truth

Today Hillary Clinton will testify about the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi. Her defense seems to be that “there are risks in foreign policy.

Frankly, if the administration she was a part of had not tried to cover up the facts of this event, we wouldn’t be here. To ever say that the deaths of American citizens were caused by a spontaneous riot stemming from a Youtube video, when the reality was nothing of the kind, is inexcusable. And to then flippantly ask what difference it makes when first questioned about the events? What could cause someone to do this? Americans died, and their deaths might have been prevented. Of course it matters. It still matters.

It was the investigation into this matter that uncovered the infamous email scandal that has dogged Clinton’s Presidential bid. Her story has changed many times. Every time new information comes out that contradicts her current statement, the statement changes.

The problem isn’t that she lies. It’s that she only ever tells just enough truth to get herself out of trouble. 

Of course, her husband was the same way. Look at the events that led to his impeachment. A string of allegations about sexual naughtiness plagued his career. He was never up front about those events. One could argue that his private life wasn’t my concern. And as long as no laws were broken, I could agree (to a point). But the final lie was that he never had “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinski prompted, to the embarrassment of the office of the President and the country, a little blue dress with a nasty stain to appear. The next thing we know we’re watching our President testify about his sex life, and parse words like “is”.

Talking about politics during the Clinton era I once had a professor ask me if I had ever lied. Of course I have. He told me, according to Republican doctrine, I was not qualified to be president. End of discussion.

But that isn’t the problem. Politicians lie, everyone lies. It’s not right, but we do it. It’s not that either Clinton once or twice- in a moment of weakness- lied. It’s that there is a pattern of lying, a lack of integrity and credibility that undermines the public trust, and ultimately any political office they hold.

In the matter of Benghazi and the email scandal, if Hillary Clinton had simply openly admitted whatever really happened, instead of this prolonged, ever changing denial, both of these issues would be in the past. Would either had disqualified her from being President? I have my opinions, but the public would likely have forgotten, or moved on by now. At the very least we would at least believe she was trustworthy.

But the Clintons don’t tell the truth that way. When they make mistakes, they only say as much as they are forced to.

Do we want a president that has a proven lack of integrity? Or rather, do we want another one?

Planned Parenthood Announces They Will No Longer Be Compensated for Fetal Parts

Today, Planned Parenthood announced that they will not longer accept compensation for fetal body parts. They say this is to strip away the “smokescreen” of activists who just want to see abortion made illegal. Oh, and women’s access to healthcare reduced.

That’s an interesting spin, but I think this was done to take the pressure off of Planned Parenthood. With this new policy, we are back to what everyone expects Planned Parenthood to do: provide minimal health care and lots of abortion services. There is no way that the Government will remove federal funding now.(Not that it was likely to anyway)

Convenient interesting timing. Today is the first Democrat Presidential Debate. This gives the media a perfect excuse for barely covering the new PP policy.

This is a win for pro life supporters. But it doesn’t slow the amount of abortions, and it allows these videos to diminish in importance. The behavior they are exposing is no longer happening.

I suspect this issue will fade away now. Laws may have been (read:were) broken, and there could be actual criminal investigations for selling for profit as well as altering procedures (both against federal law) but I doubt anyone will pursue it.

Abortion Politics

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.34.20 AMIt’s sad to think that we have to talk about the issue of murdering unborn children in terms of politics, but that’s where we live in modern America.

A few days ago Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, testified before a Congressional committee. (Pictured left) She was asked some hard questions. She answered the way you would expect. Democrats and Republicans said what you would expect. Most of the American people ignored it all, as you would expect.

Meanwhile, the media is Still, STILL freaked out by Carly Fiorina’s comments made in the last Republican debate. Even after CoalFire released a report saying that the full videos from CMP showed no signs of tampering or deceptive editing. They simply cut out bathroom and meal breaks, or travel time. But Planned Perenthood supporters, in a very classy move, threw condoms at Fiorina and the media did their best to ignore the videos while saying Fiorina was wrong or lying  about the content of the videos.

I’ve seen all 10 of the CMP episodes/videos. When Cary started describing the tapes in the debate I was surprised. Then, I realized that the tapes don’t show everything in the same scene she described. Everything she said is in the tapes, either in images, video or testimony, but there isn’t one single scene with everything she described, at one time all together. I knew immediately that she would be criticized for what she said.

Then another video was released. It reportedly shows every single thing that Fiorina described. In one video. Maybe she had seen this before, I’m not sure. Several people have written about how what Fiorina said was true, if not chronologically accurate. If Fiorina is going to make a claim, she needs to be very sure about what she says. Any deviation from what can be simply shown opens her up to massive attack from the left. It seems that the content of what she said is contained in the different videos, either through images or testimony. She wasn’t lying, but because the clip isn’t exactly as she described it, she is called a liar.

Meanwhile, back in the Congressional testimony from Richards, politicians take sides and nothing gets done. Richards did admit that Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. She also admitted that 86% of Planned Parenthood’s non government funding comes from abortions, which only make up 3% of their services. Abortions make a lot of money for the non profit.

They talked about salaries and travel. They discussed the political action group Planned parenthood has, and how many hours Richards spent working for that group. it’s so hard to take the high road about helping these poor women when salaries are high, and perks are luxurious for employees. And if the taxpayers are paying for any of the political actions… well you can see how that would be a problem.

Several Congressmen pointed out that there are lots more women’s health clinics than PP clinics, and most receive no federal funding. And mentioned other non profits who receive much less federal funding than PP. Richards repeatedly reminded everyone that Planned parenthood doesn’t get a lump sum check, but they get reimbursed by medicare and medicaid for services provided to women. And Richards was repeatedly reminded that not every women’s clinic gets reimbursed, so why should they? One asked why the original PP response, from Richards herself, apologized for the tone and “statements” in the first CMP video, which statements did they apologize for? Richards retreated to their current defense: The CMP videos are heavily edited and deceptive.

And nothing will come of this. The political dance of the right and left on this issue is sick. This wasn’t a criminal inquiry, just an inquiry. The media will continue to ignore the real issues as much as possible. meanwhile, the culture of valueless human life keeps turning, and we keep seeing horrific headlines of murder, and our president encouraging everyone to politicize tragedies.