Public Shaming and Kim Davis

Here’s the thing about Kim Davis, the KY Clerk not giving out any marriage licenses because of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage. In her position, I’d probably resign my job. She is not resigning… Her choice. And she may face some real consequences for that decision.

But I am really tired of the public shaming that immediately happens to anyone who get’s caught in the left-leaning media’s sights. She’s national news. OK. But if you are going to try to contrast her current views about marriage (which are religiously held) with her past actions (3 divorces, etc…) could you at least get the sequence of events correct? 

She holds a deep religious belief based on her Christian faith. She became a Christian about 4 years ago, according to this article. She was divorced before she was a Christian. (The article goes on to list multiple news reports about her previous marriages and more.)

See the order of events there? Not a Christian and didn’t necessarily have religious conviction about marriage, had marriage issues, divorces, etc… Became a Christian, now has deeply held religious beliefs about marriage. That’s kind of relevant.



2 thoughts on “Public Shaming and Kim Davis

  1. I agree with you that Mrs. Davis shouldn’t be shamed for her personal life. She should be shamed for violating her oath of office. There are no “buts” allowed when you’re in a position of public service. You do your job, or you quit. There are no other moral options. She wants to be able to retain an 80k job, and only do the parts of it she likes. She’s a perfect example of what’s wrong with lifetime government positions.


    • There are definitely some very real consequences for her actions. And that’s actually newsworthy. But this practice of trying to embarrass or expose people who disagree with a media outlet’s viewpoint is just not journalism. I don’t think she has much of a legal leg to stand on, and in general her actions cast real religious freedom issues in a bad light. In her place, I would have resigned. She’s supposed to follow the law, and the law changed. There’s no shame in resigning.


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