Hillary Clinton’s Emails

If you’ve been following the election at all you have probably heard by now that Hillary Clinton, current front runner for the Democrats, is under criminal FBI investigation for what she may or may not have done with classified material contained in emails.

Let me say that again, the FRONTRUNNER for the Democrats in the 2016 Presidential campaign is under criminal investigation, by the FBI, for how she handles classified, secret documents.

Here’s an article that looks at the scandal and her defense of her actions:

‘Born classified’: Hillary Clinton’s best argument in the email scandal just got destroyed

It seems clear that several documents, several emails with classified information were mishandled by Clinton.

What does that mean?

Legally, I’m not sure. But politically, it could be bad. If this were a few decades ago, she would have already dropped out. But in today’s political climate, some people will still believed this is just partisan politics.

There are only a few possible conclusions you can draw from this situation:

1. Hillary Clinton is so inept that she did not realize that she had mishandled any material, and really doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

2. Or Hillary Clinton knew she was handing classified information through here private email server, but was more interested in what she wanted than the law.

3. Or Hillary Clinton didn’t care that what she was doing might be against the law. She just didn’t take the time to find out if it was OK to have her own email server.

4. Or Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand cyber-security at all, and thought her private server would be secure enough.

5. Or Hillary Clinton knew fully that she was breaking the law, but was more interested in keeping her communication private than obeying the regulations which require them to be public.

None of these conclusions make me want her as President. They all throw up major red flags, either about ability to lead and handle sensitive material, or integrity.

If we elect Hillary Clinton, we get what we deserve.


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